Easy Inventory Management

Tana will let you manage inventories with your team members with ease.
Give it a try and never make your items out-of-stock!

Born from Chaos

Tana started its story from a university chemistry lab, where 1 team of 50 students located on 3 separate rooms.

Thousands of chemicals and tons of equipments were consumed every day and night, some chemicals took more than a week to get delivered from supplier, which was a huge pain for managers to get inventories under control. Excel and Google Spreadsheet wasn't enough for such a case.

Our mission was clear -- create an inventory management app that is simple and mobile-ready so that every lab members could start using it from day one.

And here it is, Tana, an intuitive app for everyone who is struggling for inventory management.



Collaborative Management

Invite your colleagues and start managing inventories together. Suitable for small parties and multi-location offices.

Scan with Your Phone

No need to purchase an expensive barcode scanner, just use your iOS / Android device to get started.

11 Barcode Types

Not only the popular ones such as EAN or QR Code, 11 barcode types are available to scan.

Simple I/O

Charge, consume and take inventories with simple and intuitive interface.


Although only English and Japanese are available for now, feel free to contact us to add more languages!

Secure and Robust

Security and data safety is our top priority. Your data is stored in AWS infrastructure with triple back-ups.


A simple pay-as-you-go pricing.
Unlimited numbers of inventories are available to all plans.


Forever FREE

Great for managing your closet or personal hobby collections. Let's avoid to purchase a shirt with the same color!

Standard Plan

$3 / member

For all organizations.
You could invite members to manage inventories with your team members.

Academic Plan

$1.50 / member

A discounted plan, available to colledge students and teachers. Save your monthly cost and spend it on your project!


  • Do you have free trial?

    Tana is always free for the first team member (you).
    Please purchase a pay-as-you-go plan only if you want to manage inventories with your colleagues.

  • How can I create an account?

    Please download Tana from App Store or Google Play Store, and sign-in with your Google account. The registration screen will show up for the first-time access.

  • I want more features!

    Thank you for using Tana!
    We're a small startup and your feedback is invaluable.
    Please send us your comments on online form.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards.

  • API?

    Yes we do have a REST API, however it's not ready for our customers yet.
    We're planning to build SDKs for several programming languages, so please drop us a message to [email protected] and tell us your favorites.